Monday, May 28, 2012

walk on the tribe side

i've been on a print, tribal, african kick lately. I think this obsession began when I followed Solange on Instagram. Her style is fly and I love that she is so grounded. Anywho...I received this awesome top from Eileen Fisher and instantly knew what to pair it with for the tribal and print feel I was going for.

Sunnies: Vintage Caribe via Le Swing Vintage in Barcelona | Earrings: Street Vendor

there are my favorite shoes at the moment again. i love the overall tribal feel of this outfit. I am definitely on the hunt for more african prints and tribal inspired accessories and shoes. i am also inlove with these sunglasses. you can find a similar pair here. i already know this Eileen Fisher Top will be one of my summer staples. It's light, airy and will work with just about everthing in my wardrobe: summer skirts, denim shorts, linen pants. It even works as a covering for my bathing suit! check out more of my tribal inspired posts here and here.
Also Check out this oufit post in video on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL.
ps...i've noticed my hair getting lighter and lighter brown as i get older...weird.
who are you following on social media that keeps you inspired?


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  1. I'm in love with your tribal shorts and your earrings! Loving the vibe :)

  2. Super sexy top. Love how you wore it with confidence :O)

  3. i love the Mini Mac! I have one, but I LOOOVE that print. Those earrings remind me of a fun pair I had, well exactly like that but they never got to be that color! I love your version much better!

  4. Cute outfit, love those shorts and the shoes.


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  5. Also just like our skin can become damaged over the years due to sun exposure...our hair can too...over exposed hair. Sunlight breaks down the melanin of your hair (which gives it its color..those with little to no melanin have blonde hair and those with lots of melanin may have dark brown to black hair) and makes it lighter and lighter over time....your new growth(roots) will be your hairs natural color as it hasn't been damaged by the sun...

    Over a longer period of time...the oxidation of your hair (from UV radiation) can make your hair unmanageable, prone to breakage and/or easily able to tangle...

    Just an FYI...

    your skin can protect itself from the sun by deepening it's color (hyperpigmentation) but your hair is actually "dead cells" so it can't repair itself and thus the suns rays lighten it

    Try wearing a hat, carrying an umbrella or limiting your sun exposure to your hair that is unless you dont mind...I hope this helps

    (and yes I do love your shirt!)

  6. great look, adore your heels :-)

  7. love this and yes my hair is lightening as well... relaxers will do it to us :(


  8. Very nice top. I never thought E.F. was for a younger demographic you are changing the viewpoint for sure.

  9. A must-have, this purse is exactly what I need for summer! that reminds me the one I saw at Sandro, the Parisian clothier. I read an article about this awesome store that just arrived in New York this year

  10. LOVE those shorts <33

    XO Sahra


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