Saturday, July 7, 2012

thrift haul: Beacon's Closet

decided to do a little of my favorite thing this past weekend..
and i got some majorly hot pieces that I am eager to share with you!
i hit up Beacon's Closet in Manhattan and this is what I scored.

Skirt: Christian Dior $17.95 | Silk Top: Express: 16.95 | Flannel Drop Waist Dress: Vintage $13.95
needless today i am smitten with my purchases especially my Christian Dior skirt for less than $20. Fashion STEELE! Man I love thrifting. ohhh and if you didn't know...the drop waist dress is the next big thing! I have a few thrift tours coming up so make sure to check out the "Whats Happening" section in my left sidebar to check out the dates and book a tour! Trust me you wont be disappointed! To see other awesome items I've thrifted check out my
I also have a 13 page eBook listing all the amazing places to thrift in NYC and Brooklyn!

whats the best thing you've ever thrifted?
mine was definitely this Christian Dior Skirt and this Marc Jacobs Dress!
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  1. Wow! Such fabulous finds! I never have this kind of luck!

  2. Impressed by your finds! It takes me a while to find good things at Beacons and you got three great things. awesome.

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  3. So many amazing thrifted pieces! I love everything :D

  4. That skirt is amazing, love the pattern.

  5. Some nice pieces, love the checked dress! Thanks for your comment! You have a great blog x

  6. thank u for your comment, your blog is fantastic. i am impressed. new reader here!
    hope you follow me back?:)


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