Tuesday, July 10, 2012

thrift haul: Salvation Army

this past weekend i decided to make a day of it and do some thrifting at one of my favorite Salvation Army's in Harlem. I was on a mission. I was only going to buy tops being that i have very few in my wardrobe. that's the problem with my wardrobe. I have a million shoes, skirts and dresses but not enough tops. it's very easy to incorporate tops into your wardrobe making it one of the easiest things to thrift. I went for bold primary colors. I also found a great skirt and top set that I plan to break up and use with different pieces.

Skirt and Top Set: $12.99
Red Silk Top: $2.99
Yellow Silk Top: $2.99
Total: $19.32
yes im pretty ecstatic and glad i got some more tops to mix and match into my wardrobe. see how i worked in the blue top here and the blue skirt here. In an upcoming post I will show you how I incorporate these pieces into my wardrobe. Along with these thrifted items from my Beacon's Closet Thrift Hall.
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  1. oh my that dress is LOVELY!! love the bold colors of the tops you found!

  2. Loves it. The blouses are really great. Which Salavation Army do you go to?


  3. I LOVE this store. It's in walking distance from my apt., which is good and bad :-) Every time I go there, I find something. The red shirt is awesome!

  4. Great finds. I like them all.


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