Wednesday, October 9, 2013

not over them

 photo IMG_0281683x1024_zpsf8162e26.jpg
Clearly I'm not over overalls and don't suspect I will be anytime soon. These babies will carry right into fall with an ankle boot and a trench coat.
 photo IMG_0325683x1024_zps8bcfb1b8.jpg
 photo IMG_0351683x1024_zps91c1ccba.jpg
 photo IMG_0363683x455_zps8d91c606.jpg
 photo IMG_0410683x1024_zps5c77c14c.jpg
 photo IMG_0429683x455_zpsbd03fcad.jpg
 photo IMG_0423683x455_zpse5309da4.jpg
 photo IMG_0333683x1024_zps6d4b4082.jpg
 photo IMG_0310683x1024_zpsb2f57d9e.jpg
Top: Rag & Bone | Overalls: H&M | Shoes: L.A.M.B. Mya
Currently wearing as many summery shoes as possible before I have to pack my toes away for winter. Ahhh least favorite season. Its too hard to look cute with a bubble coat.
le sigh. I had an awesome time in Paris but I'm so glad to be home.


  1. I love these pictures .... U look so pretty and Xtra slim I might add lol.. Fab look excited to see u style it for fall

  2. Love the look! You're working those overalls and the heels are perfect.


  3. Perfect look. I love how you styled the overalls - so chic!


  4. I wouldn't be over them if I looked that good in overalls either :)

  5. everything about this is perfect. so happy i found your blog! xo

  6. everything about this is perfect. so happy i found your blog! xo

  7. Hi there ! How are you ? I really often visit your blog and I saw the pitures you posted about Paris FW. I saw that picture on french blogger's blog who went there too, is this you ?

    It really looks like you from behind !

    Kisses, Eli


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