Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall Favorites: Nails and Lipstick Trends

 i rarely paint my nails...and here's why. in my other life i am a physical therapist.
SHOCKING! yes...well for some but those of you who have been long time readers yall know!
i use my hands A LOT...lifting, massaging, typing.
so my nails chip within minutes of starting work. thus i just usually go bare nailed.
but with Fall here i can't resist the urge of a little color to brighten up my drab nails and deeper tones for my lips as well.

(ESSIE: Stylenomics, Skirting the Issue, Miss Fancy Pants)
these Essie polishes are my current faves for Fall. i really love the green stylenomics polish. its a rich green that looks almost black but at second glance you see its a lovely lush shade of green...my favorite color!
For my lips i am a through and through bold red lip girl...im either wearing MAC Red or Stila Fiery Lipstain most of the time. I like the MAC red for a glossy red and the stila fiery for a matte red! but for Fall i wanted deeper shade or red even with a hint of purple. so i went through and found these great lip colors for Fall

gotta love a good lipstick. currently my fave out of them all is the Revlon Black Cherry!

what are you current go-to's for Fall nail and lip colors?

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  1. ohhhh me likey all these colors! My nails chip super quickly as well but Im still painting them lol. Football kills em! Great post girl!


  2. That Essie Stylenomics is on my Ulta shopping list this week! I am not much a lipstick girl, though I'd like to be but can't find any that coats my lips the way I want, but I do want to try some red and plum lip stains.

  3. I love nail color but it always chips within a day. I can usually wear nail color better when I have a gel overlay but they have a hard time doing them correctly in the Middle East. :(

  4. I have the Rimmel London 04 and I love it. Very moisturizing as well.

  5. I absolutely adore this post. The way you featured the lipsticks is great. I'll have to try one of them out.


  6. This is too funny, I'm wearing the Revlon Black Cherry in my post today, and it's my new favorite color as well. I'm rocking a deep purple too, Cyber by Mac.

  7. I have Essie Stylenomics on right now and I absolutely love it! It's dark enough so it doesn't look like army green. I think Skirting the Issue may be my next trial :) Great post!

  8. Great post! Now I know that I need those ESSIE Stylenomics and Miss Fancy Pants)

  9. the black cherry by Revlon looks like an awesome rich color I'm a recent lipstick wearer and find myself so compelled by darker shades

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  11. I'm not one for lipstick more lip balm but for my nails navy, plums, cobalt blues, reds and burgundy/eggplant are already in my arsenal.

  12. Cute way to display the lipstick colors!

    xox Brytani Sierra


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